About Tamar

web4Tamar is a flamenco dancer and certified dance teacher, based in Seville and Amsterdam. She received her dance training in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam School for the Arts (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten), where she received her Bachelor in Dance and Education in 2006. Shortly after, she opened her own studio for dance and movement in Amsterdam, named Studio Porcelijn.

Although her dance training was mainly focused on contemporary dance, she eventually fell in love with flamenco and in 2010 decided to follow her heart and move to Seville to dedicate herself fulltime to this art form.

To this day she spends most of her time in Seville, always deepening her understanding of flamenco through intensive study and training and collaborating with talented artists for performances. She strives to create performances that are sincere and unpretentious, respecting the traditions and history of flamenco and letting its beauty and power speak for themselves. Her background in contemporary dance and choreography helps her to place flamenco in a theatrical setting.

For the season 2014/2015 she received a scholarship from the renowned Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (the Netherlands) to further develop her performance skills in Seville. Thanks to this generous gift she has been able to grow remarkably as a dancer and artist, resulting in a rich network of contacts in the Spanish and international flamenco scene and  performances at special locations in, among others,  Spain, the Netherweb1lands and China.

Tamar is a generous teacher and enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion with students of all levels and ages, encouraging them to enjoy the wonderful sensation of expressing themselves through dance. Thanks to her patience and analytic nature she is able to open the door to the world of flamenco and make it accesible for anyone who is willing to learn.

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